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Carbs, carbs, and more carbs

I love bread. Sorry, I’m not sorry. For those who can and do low-carb diets, I salute you! Every time I drop my carb intake, the pounds seem to melt off. Unfortuantely, I love pizza crust and sweet potatoes and carrots and pineapples and OMG CARBS. So I don’t do low-carb. Just like I’m tempted to go 100% vegetarian, but the thought of a sweet juicy steak every 6-months keeps me from taking the plunge. We eat veg 6 days out of 7, I don’t worry about our meat intake’s effect on the environment OR our bodies.

Anyway, it feels like I ate a lot of carbs, but when I look back on my pictures, actually, no. Very few carbs, in fact. I worked really hard to photograph everything I ate, so I’ll blame it on a faulty memory. Or getting days mixed up.

I started the day with a delicious cup of vanilla coffee. I can’t figure out why the bottle recommends up to 2T of sugar-free syrup. One teaspoon is more than enough sweetness in my morning coffee. Since we were apparently out of bread, pasta, and all other delicious carb-filled goodness, I made some egg-drop soup. Pictured here on my dusty dusty desk.

Egg drop soup

Bertrand’s mom sent down a ton of pineapples and yams from the North, which is great. Even better? Fresh wagasi.


I fried that up right quick and devoured two slices with Trader Joe’s Sweet&Hot mustard. Also eaten with TJ’s delicious mustard? Cucumbers. Not pictured because DAMN, those pictures are noisy.

For dinner, I reheated a smoked guinea fowl that B’s mom sent us. Pictured here with veggies tossed with Old Bay, then roasted.

Guinea fowl and roasted ves

P.S.Today’s pictures are really grainy, for some reason. ISO too high?


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