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Mr. Bento rocks my socks

Mr. Bento lunch

The new LiveStrong always crashes my browser at work. THIS IS POOR DESIGN, PEOPLE. Why did they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to redesign the site, and neglect those of us who have to connect with older browsers on computers with poor memory?


I pre-logged all of my food for the day while I was meal planning yesterday because I’m a smarty-pants. And of course, I didn’t stick to the plan. I forgot to make overnight coffee, so had plain drip coffee at work. Delete the milk! And then I realized that I’d forgotten to calculate calories for my delicious pumpkin sauce. So I logged on. And then my browser crashed. Again.

Indeed. Indeed.

On the other hand, I remembered to pack my lunch. I asked Mom for a Mr. Bento for Christmas, and she got me one! I asked for it because:

  1. It keeps food hot or cold all day.
  2. It has reasonably sized compartments for food (not to small, and not too big).
  3. It’s easy to break the day up into a few snacks and small meals, instead of one big meal at lunch.

Yesterday was delicious. Pumpkin overnight oats, salad, leftover pumpkin pasta, and watermelon balls. Delicious, healthy, and hassle free.


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