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Catching up on photos

Oh noes! It’s the end of the week and I totally haven’t been posting pictures of what I eat. Quick! Quick! Catch up!

I made tortillas last weekend (every weekend!) and got a couple of days of delicious bean and egg burritos out of them.

Bean burrito

Ranch salads with hardboiled eggs continues to be a staple in the Carpenter Sondjo household. The mayonnaise on the salad closest to the camera is for Bertrand. He’ll only eat greens if it’s smothered in fat. That’s a concession I’m willing to make in order to make sure he’s getting vitamins and nutrients.

Ranch and egg salad

I’ve been trying to control my snack instinct with oven-popped popcorn, but there are an awful lot of calories in the oil. Other snacks include watermelon balls, baked plantains (YUM), and fries (booooo).


Today, I went to the grocery store and the market bright and early to avoid the crowds. I was surprised to find how many vegetable sellers just weren’t out yet. I didn’t eat breakfast before I went, and was starving by the time I got home! I whipped together some quick eggdrop soup before taking a nap.

Eggdrop soup

This afternoon, I’m roasting pumpkin, making bean salad for the week, and just trying to get caught up on life in general. Yum!

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