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I am ready to go back to work

Beans and baguette

I love beans. And David Tennant. Possibly, I love David Tennant more than beans. I’m catching up on the new Doctor Who, and it’s a blast! I’d seen a couple of episodes as a child, but for some reason, it never clicked. While I was home in December, I caught up on the new series. Doctor Who is totally scratching my nerd itch right now.

Now that the kitchen is completely reorganized, I have a place to prop the netbook while I’m cooking. And by “a place to prop the netbook,” I mean “I can now watch Doctor Who while making tortillas.” Life should be this good all the time.

More counter space!

I had planned on spending the whole day cooking in my shiny new kitchen, but I’m worn out from the last few days. Instead, I just made enough tortillas and beans to get us through the week, and played with the neighborhood kids instead.

P.S. That picture of the beans is amazing. Can you believe I took it inside at 8pm?раскрутка

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