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Salads, coffee, and oh! it was nice to be home


While in the States, I had a great time cooking and drinking coffee, and eating, and even grocery shopping with friends. My first trip to Whole Foods felt like the proverbial country mouse’s first day in the big city. All I could do is gawk at the delicious food stuffs around me.

I made salad.

Veggies with a side of eggs

After salad.

Mise en place

After salad.

Taco night

While in DC, I made tacos, and invited a bunch of friends over to a house that wasn’t mine.


I was continually amazed at how easy and quick it was to throw meals together in the States. Dinner for 7, including handmade tortillas? It only took me 90 minutes. I’ll post the recipes one day or another.

Cheese and veggies

When I arrived in Seattle, Liz greeted me with vegetables and cheese. I repaid her with homemade pumpkin lattes.

Homemade pumpkin lattes

Followed by some appropriately famous Seattle coffee.

Seattle latte

I went grocery shopping, of course, and brought back a ton of goodies, mostly processed foods that aren’t available in Benin. Or unprocessed foods that aren’t available in Benin. Yum!

I really enjoyed my time at home, but I am so glad to be back in Benin. And of course, I’m back to cooking up a storm!раскрутка сайта самому

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