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Black bean madness

Delicious black beans

Oh man, I love food! That’s my problem, really. The beautiful Christmas-y take out container filled with delicious cookies that one of my coworkers brought for me in this morning? ALREADY ALL GONE.

I have, however, been experimenting with the Ranch dressing and bacon bits that I brought back from the States. I can’t figure out why serving size for salad dressings are 2T. Who the fuck uses 2 whole tablespoons of dressing on their salads? In anything? I’ve been using 2/3T and it’s more than enough flavor for me. Not that I’m one to chide America for being fat. Don’t forget the reason I started this blog. ;)

Ranch, bacon bits, and eggs

Black beans have also made it into the rotation. So much that I’ve already used all the beans I brought back with me, and am waiting for those I left at home to arrive in the mail. I also made a double batch of tortillas last week, and have been finishing those up. Yes, I’m a messy cook.

Tortilla rolling

Black bean burritos? Pumpkin black bean quesadillas? And of course, black bean tortilla soup.

Black bean tortilla soup



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