3.1 Mb downloads in Benin? For 15 000 FCFA/mo? Are you out of your mind?

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  1. waidi says:

    Thank you for all your reviews, I am always in Porto-Novo week in week out and don’t really like the idea of going to a cafe as I’m always with my 3G USB dongle when I am home in Nigeria. Not long ago I heard about konakoo 3G CDMA/EVDO modem which I wanted to buy but stopped because I heard the maximum speed you get is 256/kbs. Because I don’t like browsing at night when I should be sleeping, and knowing if a network speed is just 256/kbs, I can’t get same during peak hours, I decided not to buy. But reading on your post that you get between 600kbs and 1.2mbs makes me want to reconsider. Like I said, I’m always in Porto-Novo, I will be glad if you can confirm I will get the same speed there.
    If I have to chip in something here on your complaint about their customer service, the truth is that some of them are not properly trained or not at all to understand the technology. You can imagine a care center lady in Nigeria argueing with me that EDGE is 3G, she will not agree until she confirm from her superior after which she confessed she had been employed long before her company came out with the services, yet she does not know the difference and she is a customer agent!.
    Thank you again.

  2. richard says:

    I need to know if th network works perfectly in Porto Novo.

  3. Tiburce says:

    Now the situation is sader .I can hardly reach 20 kbits/s albeit at night I can get 40kbits/s. However this is verry far from the promised 3mb/sec and I noticed that I just use 0.1 to 5 percent of the promited bandwidth.

    I live in Cotonou.

  4. Davud says:

    pls does anyone knws hw 2 set a kanakoo CDMA EVDO moderm 2 work with any other sim in Nigeria, (davis3k4@yahoo.com)pls i need it urgently

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