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I’m not going to roast any more pumpkins for a while

Pumpkin bread

I woke up yesterday morning to the unsettling realization that I’m leaving in a week. After a brief discussion that went long the lines of OMG THE SKY IS FALLING THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO, Bertrand reminded me that he doesn’t cook vegetables. Because this week is going to be ridiculously busy for both of us, I tried to cook as much today as possible so that our veggies don’t just rot in the fridge while I’m gone.

Butternut Squash

Including the biggest butternut squash I’ve ever seen.

Separating the pumpkin seeds

The kids upstairs helped me sort out seeds to make roasted pumpkin seeds. And then hammed it up for the camera.


Bertrand and I are like Santa Claus for these kids. It’s funny, because I’m mostly a cranky grouchy bear (“Wash the dishes! Get off the couch! If you spill that, I’m going to make you cry! etc”), but they still love cooking with me. And hey! free dishwashers. It’s win-win.

Pumpkin seeds!

The kids think it’s hilarious how messy the kitchen gets when I cook. They also love taking pictures (some of which turn out remarkably well). Now that I’m taking pictures of food, photographing random kitchen stuff has become their favorite new game.

Messy kitchen

Post pumpkin seeds, I roasted the pumpkin.

Draining the squash

Yeah, that’s a lot of pumpkin. Then I made bread! Mmmmmm. I’m not 100% satisfied with the recipe yet, but lucky for all of you, I’ve got enough pumpkin to make a loaf every day until I leave. By the end of the week, I should have a recipe for a perfect pumpkin loaf.

Pumpkin bread NOM NOM NOM

P.S. I have discovered a new trick to get perfect puree for my lattes: add the milk into the blender with the pumpkin. It makes the mix liquid enough to get thick and creamy. Yum!topod

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