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Scrambled eggs over spinach and shallots

Fresh spinach

Is there anything better than spinach first thing in the morning? It’s a delicious and nutritious start to the day. Others may write odes to oatmeal, but I think I’ll write mine to spinach and eggs. I’m a savory breakfast person, and although I eat overnight oats almost every day, it’s usually as a mid-morning snack. I just can’t handle the sweetness fresh back from my walk.

The pictures for this breakfast turned out really well. My counter has a great window over it, and the early morning light was just right for highlighting the freshness of these ingredients. Unfortunately, beautiful pictures are not a criteria for timely posting, and that’s why I’m posting weekend breakfasts on a Friday.


I love Coke, it had been a while and dammit, I need a treat. Wait, what was I saying about not being able to handle sweetness?

Fresh spinach

Wash the spinach. That’s a whole lot of fresh greens right there.

$1 worth of shallots

Shallots are dirt cheap in Benin. $1 for this whole bunch. I’m so spoiled! Shallots for every meal!

Chopped shallots

Cooking the spinach post-shallots.

Sauteeing spinach

Scrambled eggs on top.

Eggs over spinach and shallots

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