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One day, I’ll have form this perfect again


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I got up at the ass-crack of dawn to walk today. It was lovely to see Cotonou wake-up, although I think it was more at the yawning and hitting the alarm stage than the bright and bushy-tailed stage at the hour I was out. Now that I’m up and moving every day, I’m starting to think longer term. Can I walk 5k every day? Can I run 5k every day? Well, if I can run 5k, why not 10k? And good Lord, isn’t it a short leap from 10k to 13.1 miles? Wait! Cotonou hosts a half-marathon every year, right?

This is how every project I ever work on blows up into a full time job.

Dreams and ambitions aside, I’m going to take it nice and easy. My sneakers don’t fit as well as they should, and my legs are hurting like it’s 2000 and I just hit Crossmen spring training. My ankles are a bit sore, as are my shins (shin splints, I didn’t miss you at all!), and my hip flexors. Luckily, because I *did* do drum corps for two summers, I know all sorts of great stretches and exercises to work those kinks out and strengthen all of the muscles in my legs.

The last time I was up this early and consistently for exercise was when I did my second tour with the Crossmen in 2002. Strech-and-run was my least favorite part of the day then, but 8 years later, I’m missing it. Every day, 15 minutes of stretching, followed by 15 minutes of running, followed by another 15 minutes of stretching. Followed by an entire day of getting my ass kicked because even then, I was slow and out of shape.

Yeah, DCI is nerdy. Real nerdy. But getting home after that tour, I was in the best shape of my life. I plan getting there again. One mile at a time.


2 thoughts on “One day, I’ll have form this perfect again

  1. Theresa so great to read that you’re rediscovering running, but this time with a new drive and passion behind it! I’ve been doing more running again, but its still not something I find myself loving. It is a great motivator though, being able to see ourselves get faster, go longer, etc.
    I can’t wait to read about how far you get over the next few weeks!
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  2. Like you, I’m all about slow-and-steady wins the race, so I figure that I can spent a month or two walking, then slowly add in running. And if I hate running, well, I hate it. I’ll just go back to walking (and probably the gym). Far better to exercise doing things I like than to make myself miserable trying to do things I hate.

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