On oversharing, undersharing, and plain-old sharing

A recent medical disaster in the Carpenter-Sondjo household prompted a great number of discussions in our small household about what we’re willing to share with the world, and what we feel should be strictly private. Blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking came up because we’re both avid communicators and users of social media. Where’s the line? What should we share? Who should we share it with? When can we share it?

It’s hard to blog when your mind’s 100% focused on things that your family has decided to keep 100% private. I wrote a dozen posts and discarded them for being boring, not informative enough, or too informative. I also have to make a number of decisions in regards to my health, what concessions I’m willing to make in order to live healthier, and what concessions I absolutely won’t make no matter what.

One thing Bertrand and I have both realized is that we desperately need to be healthier, and half-assing it because we’re busy, broke, or lazy isn’t going to help us in the long run. That said, counting calories and exercise in a public space is horrifyingly uncomfortable for me, and has encouraged me to shrink back from a healthy lifestyle instead of embracing it.


I know which food and healthy living blogs I like to read. I know which ones I dislike in the extreme. Time to blog like the bloggers I like, I suppose.раскрутка сайтов в ростове

1 thought on “On oversharing, undersharing, and plain-old sharing

  1. Hey Theresa, whatever you decide, nothing but respect for you in tackling it. You’re a brilliant writer with a great mind so I pretty much enjoy whatever topic you write about. So just keep writing about *something* please! all the best, Linda

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