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On putting food obsessions to good use: BENTO!

Mushrooms bento

I am obessive about everything I take seriously. Like losing weight getting healthy. I spend hours thinking about food and exercise and calories each day. That’s probably why I’m successful thus far, but it’s also kind of neurotic annoying. I know that nobody knows what normal is, but I’d rather channel my obsessiveness into something productive.

Like Bento.

Oh yes.

I’m not going to go on a spending spree to buy Bento boxes and diverse accessories, but I do like the idea of making healthy food attrative. Time consuming aside, there’s a certain beauty and orderliness to bento and bento-like lunches.

Daily bento are also related to my “save money” and “save time” initiatives, which involves making lunch every day, but not spending a helluva lotta time doing it.

So what’s going to change? Well, nothing, really. I’m still going to make work lunches the night before. I’m still going to balance carbs, proteins, fat, and OMG GIVE ME MORE VEGETABLES. And I’m still going to take pictures of food on this blog.

Only now there’s a nice name for it. Bento. BENTO!

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