Oh, malaria, I am so over you!

Tomorrow marks my post-malaria return to calorie counting. I’ve continued to lose since the dreaded deadly disease, but it’s more due to a missing appetite than any dedication to weight loss healthy eating. Turns out, when you abruptly cut out soda, coffee, and cigarettes because even the thought of putting poison into your body makes you puke, your body isn’t so quick to accept them later, when you’re healed.

We’ll see how the counting goes. My sisters-in-law are also coming over tomorrow to learn how to cook “American” food, which means that we’ll also be tasting lots of American food. They’re actually just coming to observe my weekly Sunday freezer stockage and lunch prep, but it’s still kind of unnerving.

I’ll be making:

  • generic tomato sauce (to be frozen for future) pastas and flat bread pizzas)
  • pasta salad
  • egg salad (maybe, if my organic chicken farmer brings the eggs early enough
  • flat bread pizzas (also to be frozen)
  • oatmeal cookies (I know, not healthy BUT DELICIOUS)
  • possibly burritos, but we’ll see whether I feel like making tortillas or not

I’m trying to think of other very simple very inexpensive Western foods that can be made with Beninese staples. No meat, no chicken. Fish is a possibility. Stir-fry would be great, but it doesn’t freeze well. Bruchetta? Lasagna? Lemon garlic carp?

Any other ideas?продвижение сайта

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