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We got malaria and it was the WORST EVER EVER

How many times have I written and not saved this malaria post because we lost power? NOT THIS TIME. Ctrl+S. A very long story short: Bertrand and I had malaria this week. I lost a lot of weight in a very unhealthy way because I had no appetite and even if I did, I couldn’t hold it down. Ctrl+S. If you’ve never had malaria, imagine the worst fever alternating with the worst chills you’ve ever had, combined with dizziness, headaches, total weakness (can’t even fold a t-shirt), and a complete inability to think. And that’s on a good day.

I still don’t have any appetite, but I’m feeling much better, and I’m able to force myself to eat. Eating is important because nutrients and calories are, um, neccessary to live. Also, recovery from malaria takes two to four weeks, so while I’m functional again (ctrl+s), I’ll still be prone to weakness, dizzy spells, and zombie like behavior for a short while yet. Ctrl+S.

I’ll still be blogging (such that I blog), and I’m trying not to see this as a set-back. IT’S NOT A SET-BACK IT’S LIFE MALARIA AND IT HAPPENS. CTRL+S. But it’s hard. Oh so hard.

We’ll see about 199 for Labor Day. Hope is not lost, but I’m not willing to get sick again to do it.


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