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On working for The Man and other minutia

After a long weeks of not having enough time to breathe, much less sleep, Bertrand and I are more or less settling back into routine. In the intervening weeks, things have changed a bit in the Carpenter-Sondjo household:

  • We have a freezer.
  • We have a cat.
  • I own a pair of sneakers.
  • The rainy season has started.
  • I kind of like working for The Man.

So big changes. Especially the cat. Bertrand and I spend a lot of time standing around saying, “Where the fuck is that noise coming from?!?!”

Working for the government is great. I wish working part time meant that I really only worked that many hours a week, but what it really means is that after putting in half a day in an air conditioned office (hellsyeah!), I come home, take a short nap (hellsyeah!), and then get to work coding (hellsyeah!) or organizing for Pink (hellsyeah!). My days are full of awesome, but also exhausting.

Other than cat blogging, I’m hoping to launch a few new projects this month. It’s been great designing and coding again. The last few weeks have been nothing but admin and client meetings, and while that’s nice once in a while, I’m happiest when creating.

Anyway, the only reason I finally got off my ass and started blogging again is because a coworker was all like “Oh, I have a blog” and I was like WHAT NO OTHER BLOGGERS IN COTONOU EVER I NEED TO GET BACK TO BLOGGING YOU EVIL USURPERS. Anyway, check out Carolyn’s archives. She’s got pictures of all the stuff I’m always like, “Damn, I need to get a picture of that,” but never do.поисковое продвижение сайтов самостоятельно

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