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On being absent because I have an awesome job

I am in fact, still alive and kicking, all evidence to the contrary. The first week at a new job is always difficult—lots of new people to meet, lots of information to digest, and of course, lots of work to do. Despite the fact that my job is ostensibly part time, I get home exhausted, and instead of working on People Online, Pink Benin, Ushahidi translations (sorry, Linda!), and the rest, I take a nap.

Needless to say, that’s why I haven’t been tweeting, blogging, translating, or emailing. Even logging into Google Reader to check my RSS feed is intimidating. Yikes. This is all normal for me. I approach new projects with frightening intensity, then eventually relax and adapt to life’s new rhythms. Just takes a week or so.

Work is awesome. The people are great. Air conditioning is wonderful. And I’ll try to be much more present as I learn how to manage this new time commitment in my life.

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