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Limited bandwith = THERESA IS CRANKY

Nigerian ISP Internet Speeds.
Originally uploaded by Wayan Vota

This is an awesome screencap by Wayan Vota showing just how bad the bandwidth gets in Nigeria. Normally, Benin has similar service levels during the day. Night time speeds approach a whopping 56kpbs (we are paying for 256kbps).

Now image that the undersea cable connecting Benin with the rest of the world has been cut, and now our traffic is being rerouted through Togo -> Burkina -> Ivory Coast and out through Abidjian. So things are even WORSE THAN USUAL.

Crankiness indeed.

I am testing Flickr’s “Blog this Photo” service. If this post is borked, BLAME FLICKR. Also, the crappy connection. раскрутка

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