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Wedding pictures! Finally!

After five weeks of slow connections and frustration, wedding pictures are finally up! You can pursue them on Flickr, although I have yet to tag and order them. My favorites are after the fold.

The day started out at our apartment in Agla-Hlazounto. Both his parents and mine gathered, along with Erin and Austin to help me get ready and form the procession to the church. Here I am hanging out with the neighborhood kids. They were so excited for us!

And here I am on my cell phone. I AM IMPORTANT, OK?

Of course, I forgot to pull down my veil in the car, and also, to sit in the back seat, and also, we are probably the only couple in the history of Benin that was actually early to their wedding.

Big breath, here we go!

Half of the choir dressed in traditional pagnes and danced into the church, singing traditional Fon hymns.  They carried baskets of offerings, like bananas, chickens, and eggs, to give to the church.  This happens at every Catholic wedding here, but it was especially cool for my parents to see.

Guess what?!?!? We’re married!!!!!

Why yes, we did spend half an hour taking pictures outside of the church.  Don’t the parents look great in their matching bazin? Check out the Moms’ headgear!

With Pink Benin.

We were married in a beautiful Catholic church, St. Francois d’Assise.

After we left the church, we’d intended for everyone to turn right and head back to our neighborhood for the reception.  When our car turned left towards the beach to take some formal photos, not only did a dozen cars follow us, but we lost my parents too.  We stopped to take pictures, and ten families also got out, asking what the hell is going on.  And of course, we couldn’t find my parents.  So instead of making a big deal out of everything, we just grinned and headed to the reception, where the beer was already flowing.  That’s why Bertrand and I don’t have any formal photos.  Luckily, we have this picture of us having fun in the car instead, and it’s my favorite picture of us yet.

Our reception was relaxed and casual, which is exactly what we’d wanted, if not what we’d planned. Everyone drank and ate to their hearts content. Here’s everyone lining up for food at our outdoor buffet. We owe an enormous thank you to Bertrand’s family who helped us serve all the food and drinks.  And by “helped,” I mean that Bertrand and I sat there and enjoyed the day, while everyone else worked their tails off.  AS IT SHOULD BE. ;)

Here are our mothers, in their matching clothes. The woman on the left is Francoise, my marraine.

And of course, the cake, which was adorably lopsided. After which, we drank punch, danced a lot, and then went home!

If anyone (Mom, grandparents, etc.) wants high resolution copies for prints, please let me know which pictures you want. We have limited bandwidth here, and I didn’t want to upload 200+ 1M pictures to Flickr.


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