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Why is the Afrigator site only available in English?

I recently found Afrigator, an aggregator for the African blogosphere. Actually, I found it a long time ago, but just recently created an account. I’m not only jumping back into blogging myself, but also working to encourage blogging and bloggers here in Benin, and Afrigator’s a great tool. Right now, there isn’t a better way to see what’s going on over here.

If you’re an Angolphone.

I’ve fallen in love with Afrigator. I spent the morning perusing blogs and adding them to my newsreader. But I can’t recommend it to my colleagues here in Benin. Because they don’t speak English.

Benin has lots of interesting bloggers. Huge numbers (okay, not huge numbers, but statistically significant numbers) of our media personalities are online. People Online is increasingly in touch with this audience. But we can’t tell Benin’s journalists (for example) to “just run Afrigator through Google Translator.” The site needs to be multilingual. “Join Afrigator,” means very little to someone who doesn’t speak English. At the least, once logged in, users should be able to browse the site in their own language.

My pet peeve for the AfriGreater December competition is that Afrigator is distressingly Anglophone on a continent that is … well, only partially Anglophone.

So what would it take? If you guys just have a strings file, send it over and I’ll translate it. If you don’t … shame on you! Just kidding. But I’ll be happy to lend a hand with EN-FR translation when you’re ready.

I should also add that I already asked about filtering posts by language, and the team said no problem. Which is a great start.

I should also add that, seriously, I love Afrigator. And I really really really want to get Beninese bloggers on it. продвижение

5 thoughts on “Why is the Afrigator site only available in English?

  1. Hi Theresa – what a great post and a very very good question indeed. We have been talking about multi-language functionality since we started in April 2007 yet we just haven't gotten around to it. If your offer to help translate is still open we'd love to work with you on this. Please send me a mail.

  2. HI Theresa,

    Looks like Justin beat me to the comment and pretty much said what i wanted to. I'd just like to reiterate the multilingual support is a priority for us, but we're taking things cautiously an a little slowly to make sure that when we do add features they're done the right way.

    Thank you so much for the offer of assistance on the translation front. I for one would certainly recommend that we make use of your very valuable service.

    Until next time, keep on blogging,

    Product Manager

  3. Hi Theresa,

    Thank you so much for the kindest words as well as this great issue! As Justin said, we've been talking about it for some time now and this (call it "feature" for the lack of a better word) is bumped up way high on our priority list. We'll definitely keep you in the loop on our translation progress!

    Thank you!

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