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On live blogging . . . or not

I’m live blogging an NTIC conference at ENEAM! Just kidding. I do, however, have free wireless at a salon at ENEAM, which is cool.

All of the majors at the technical school got together and planned a huge festival with conferences, lectures, and of course, a trade show (and by trade show, I mean about two dozen booths set-up outside for anyone to pass by and buy stuff).

We (ONG People Online), don’t actually have a booth. We have a table in a corner at the end of a long row of booths, mostly because we’re too cheap to cough up the $300 participation fee. However, we’re offering free websites (blogs) to students, which is exciting, so we get a fair amount of traffic anyway.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. It was exhausting presenting in French all day against a backdrop of painfully loud music, but we generated a lot of interest in our blogging platform. I’m pretty sure that we’re the only people representing ourselves at the trade show. Most booths seem to be manned by students, who are ready to take your money, but less able to answer questions.

Bertrand and I aren’t aiming to make any money this week. We just want to build a critical mass of bloggers so we can stop doing so much damn publicity and start concentrating on what we do well: making websites.

Today, I hope to attend a presentation by some of my former students and a few lectures. I’m also going to take advantage of the free wireless (free wireless! in Benin!) to get some work done. We’ll see how it goes.
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