IT in Africa

About that internet that we have at the house

A little more than three weeks ago, a client told us about a new ISP setting up shop here in Cotonou. As we can’t get DSL where we live, a wireless connection had obvious appeal. We walked into their boutique, and told their sales reps to convince us that they’re the best game in town. And they did!

After all of the awful service we’ve gotten at Bénin Télécom, the nat’l service providor, and all the awful stories we’d heard from everyone else with an internet connection in Benin, we were more than suprised to find knowledgeable sales staff and great pre-sales service at Isocel. Their prices were reasonable, and we stopped in two days later to complete the deal.

Technicians showed up two hours later to install our antenna, and everyhing worked perfectly. You can’t get that kind of service in the States.

Two days later, we found the first cloud in the sunny skies of Internet access at home. The connection was only reliable during off-hours. Nights and weekends are great for downlaoding movies, but not so great for actually trying to get clients online. Two weeks after the first call, and we haven’t yet resolved the problem.

ARGH. They don’t believe us when we tell them that the connection’s inconsistant; we don’t believe them when they say they’re working on it.

So we’ll see how long the connection lasts. For now, we’re taking advantage of it to get some work done on a Saturday afternoon.продвижение

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