Daily Grind

My pillow’s all like, “Yo, T! Where the hell you been?”

12 to 16 hour days doesn’t leave much time for blogging, sometimes. Forutnately, I’ve got a spare moment (or three) tonight to update.

We’re working hard to get our web development NGO off the ground. Mostly, we’re running around like chickens with our heads chopped off, but we’re pretty sure that it’s more or less worth it . . . we think. After several slow months at the beginning, the word is finally getting out. Potential partners actually CALL US!!!

Actually, it’s been a really exciting couple of weeks. We’re about to put our first newspaper online, which is incredible (link to follow when it’s online). We also signed a partnership agreement with one of Benin’s biggest music stars. And we’re going out of town tomorrow to work with our first group of small, local, NGOs. More on that after it.

We’re hoping to keep up this pace until we visit the States in December, so wish us luck, and keep on reading.topodin.com

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