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Yes, I have a sweet apartment.

And yes, there are pictures (or will be soon)! Second floor apartment. Three bedrooms, one and half baths. Enormous living room. Enormous kitchen (the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had, actually . . . ever). Balconies on two sides. Every room is tiled (which is a big deal here). And we even have water now (we didn’t for the first week )!!!

Wonderful airflow means we no longer turn on the fans. Ever. There’s air conditioning, but we haven’t turned it on yet (and probably never will . . . they suck power). We don’t have much furniture, not even a TV, so the place kinda looks like a dorm, but whatever. We’ll get our act together eventually.

Last weekend, we had friends and family over for some pate rouge (delicious tomato-y corn jello) and fried fish. People were a) amazed and astounded that I cooked it, albiet with a great deal of help from Bertrand and b) equally impressed by the fact that Bertrand and I are actually becoming adults.



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