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I spent the last week in Parakou, ringing in the New Year with Bertrand and his family. With the exception of a few unnerving comments by Bertrand’s mother (referred to henceforth as “Maman”) about my impending (hah!) conversion to Catholicism so that I can marry her son, the week was comfortable and relaxing. And his father (referred to henceforth as “Papa”) even let me turn the satellite to CNN to get some English language news.

Bertrand and I spent the days before New Year’s Eve visiting all of his old high school friends. You’d think this would be quickly accomplished, but each visit is an hours long occasion to reminisce; drink copious amounts of beer, sodabi, and whiskey; and watch television. Oh yes, and I taught Maman how to make cookies.

The 31st was spent slaughtering a pig (some photographic evidence to be uploaded at a later date), cooking, and getting ready for the night’s party. We got all dressed up and left for church at 21h30 (yes, church!). The service started at 22h00, and wasn’t even closed to finishing when left for home to pray with Bertrand’s family at 23h00. An awful lot of Hail Marys later, we returned to our rooms to get prettied up one last time for the evening’s fetes. At 4h30, we were still going strong, but the realization that the 1st would be a full day sent us scurrying back to our beds within the hour.

The New Year was greeted in style, particularly by a family lunch that included anyone who stopped by (including urchins just looking for money). A table full of pork, beef, chicken, rice, pate, beans, and other deliciousness greeted guests as they wandered in and out of the house all afternoon. And what had happened to the dozens of cookies we’d baked a few days before? Delicious peanut buttery dessert! Too soon, it was time to leave, but only to find more food, visiting other friends as ours had visited us.

Eventually we wound up at the home of Kingsley-the-Nigerian (as I think of him), an old friend of the family. Talk of Beninese politics lead to talk of world politics which lead to talk of Iraq which lead to talk of American politics, which lead to talk of homosexuality and American morality (or lack thereof). Beer is a good thing, folks.

After all of the parting was finished, Maman and Papa drove us back down to Cotonou, where I found my computer freshly arrived from Alabama via DC via Westminster. Thanks to everyone who helped out with that!

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  1. Is there something you are trying to tell us here? ARE you planning on getting married? This sounds like a meet the family/friends visit before the wedding.

  2. With everything that you COULD be worrying about, you’re worrying about me losing my head and getting MARRIED?!!??!? Good Lord.

    Relax. Tell Grandma to stop freaking out.

    3 months into a relationship is insanely early to even be thinking about such things. Sheesh.

    And I have a job to do while I’m here too.

  3. *whew* Thank you! It wasn’t grandma…I was me. I’m sorry for the lack of faith :) Did you get the packages from November yet?

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