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In which PC Washington makes theresa :(

Remind me to export my Google calendar so that the next time we lose our connection for three days, I’m not screwed as far as appointments go. ARGH.

In other news, please stop donating to Etoile Apprentissage. (background). It’s been funded for a long time, and they just haven’t gotten around to taking it off the site yet. In fact, if you did donate, you should write to the Peace Corps and get your money back.

The short is that we raised the money, but we can’t have it, because we didn’t raise it in time. So all that hard work is down the drain. I’d hoped to just do the project in 2007, but it turns out that because it has to take place at a certain time (summer vacation), and we’d been planning on using it for summer 2006, it’s against the rules to use it for 2007. Any money raised will go into a global reserve that funds projects too small to for a fundraising drive (under $250, I believe?).

Well damn.

I do appreciate your efforts, as do the girls. I appreciate somewhat less the Peace Corps. I understand their point of view, but it was by and large friends and family that donated, and it’s not right that your monies go elsewhere if you don’t want them to.

If you donated, you can get in touch with Peace Corps and request your donation back, since the project is no longer happening. I have absolutely no plans to use a PCPP for this or any other project again, so requesting the funds back will do nothing to help or hurt me in the future. What I do suggest, however, is that instead of just leaving the money for the Global Fund, request it back, and donate it to another worthy project, one of your choice.

You can get in touch with the Peace Corps atпродвижение

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