Peace Corps

I really could do this forever.

I complain an awful lot here, I mean, a LOT. And occasionally I’m arrogant (okay, more often than not). And I don’t always give an accurate picture of what life is really like here because I’m so damn negative.

The reality is that I fucking love this shit. Yeah, my primary project sucks big fat monkey balls sometimes. But other times it’s absolutely amazing, especially when I’m making progress on any one of the dozen things they’re having me work on.

Yeah, I could do this kind of stuff in the States, get paid good money for it, and have managers that don’t suck. I’d have an iPod, a nice apartment, and I’d be delightfully upwardly mobile. However, I’d be stuck in a cubicle somewhere. I wouldn’t have made the amazing friends I’ve made in the past year (both American and Beninese). And I wouldn’t go to sleep everyday, knowing I’d helped someone.

I’m rarely homesick, but the mornings when I just want to get the fuck out of here are more and more frequent. Fortunately, the mornings when I want to stay here forever are equally frequent. It’s certainly not getting any easier. The lows get lower every time. And the highs get higher.

And days like today, when I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something? They’re incredible.

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