Peace Corps

I’m a morning person.

Nobody’s job actually depends on showing on time, so as you can imagine, nobody ever does. My favorite part of the day is between 7h30 and 9h30. The first 45 minutes of that is terribly productive. I draft emails (for later feview by a native French speaker), finalize work I did the previous day, prep for meetings, occasionally work on secondary projects, etc.

Starting around 8h15, the rest of the office starts trickling in. Everyone stops by my door to say hi (just as I’d stop by theirs had they arrived before me). We ask how things are, if we slept well, and generally just make sure that the initial contact of the day has nothing to do with business.

Usually, everyone’s at the office by 9, but not always. Because so much of my work is online (site maintenance, research, etc), if the man responsible for opening up the cyber and turning on the modem (I’m trying to get a key, but really, who knows if that’s ever going to happen) doesn’t show up until later, occasionally I even have time to write for SVO.

The kind of work I’m doing this week involves an awful lot of FTP-ing thousands of files back and forth between my computer and the server (backing up; upgrading the CMS, but this time a French version, yay;). It’s a hassle, but hopefully waiting on the transfers will allow me some time to get caught up here.aracer

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