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On women.

It’s really fucking marvelous to be home.


That said, some things are already driving me nuts. Like men who crow about how supportive they are of women’s equality, then do nothing but interrupt every woman at the table to correct them, or worse, change the subject into a story about how cutely wrong the woman was at another point in her life.

There’s more to equality than just talk. It’s respecting woman as equals and giving their opinions equal weight. It’s not treating a woman with kid gloves when she’s wrong, but explaining to her the correct answer and expecting her to not make the same mistake again. It’s hiring for competence and skills, not looks. It’s not designating certain jobs and tasks as “women’s work,” and standing up against those who do. It’s allowing women to stay home with their children if they want to, but not making marriage at an early age a cultural expectation.

It’s not making comments when women wear pants that don’t limit them to driving scooters because their skirts don’t allow them to straddle a larger moto. It’s not expecting a woman to let you flirt with her, even if she finds your advances disgusting. It’s respecting waitresses, secretaries, and those in service other professions that keep them in the public eye. It’s recognizing the value of educating girls, not just so that they can educate their children, but also so that, if they choose, they can have a career.

But most importantly, it’s respect. Don’t respect me because I’m a woman. Respect me because I’m smart as hell, I work hard, I have interesting things to say, and I’m doing a lot with my life.продвижение сайта

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