Peace Corps

In which t remarks that live is much improved.

I finally have a love/ hate relationship with my post. It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally stopped alternating between resigned resentment and outright hatred. Now I vacillate between absolute adoration and hatred, but at least it’s love half of the time.

It took a lot. My primary project needed a boot in the rear. My secondary projects needed to be herded and organized into some semblance of actual projects and not just fun activities. I needed to make friends outside of the volunteer community. And damnit, I needed projects to go well here in Cotonou, not just when traveling.

Well, it’s finally happening. Thank God.

I mean, I’m still swamped. My post mate did a double take when he saw my schedule in Outlook the other day (yes, it’s color coded by category, and yes, I’m compulsive like that). I’m pretty busy. But I think I’ve also got a schedule that’s pretty workable right now, even if it doesn’t leave as much time for hanging out as I’d like.

I wish I could communicate the immense energy and excitement I’m feeling right now. It’s incredible. Oh man, I’m having so much fun right now.

P.S. When I first tried LiteStep in high school, it was an awkward, clunky pain-in-the-ass of a program. Six or seven years later, and it’s evolved into a pretty sweet shell replacement. But if anyone else has something they like better, feel free to holler at me with suggestions (and no just installing Linux is not a viable alternative at the moment).
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