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Done and . . . done.

Wow. I don’t know how to describe what I’m feeling right now. Three weeks of desperate typing, fighting volunteers for chair space in the med unit, and frustrating changes, and . . . it’s done. The things you never expect to be doing as a PCV.

Basically, it was a giant clusterfuck. Ben and I have become fond of saying that if this project had been farmed out to contractors in the States, it would have taken a five person team at least a month to crank it out, cost at least a couple of thousand (more, for my bilingualism and his sound expertise), and all of the material would have been prepared ahead of time.

Instead, Ben spent two weeks, and I spent the last three, running around like madmen, trying to pull this thing off. Essentially, the language coordinators decided (about five weeks ago) to put together a pre-departure CD for our incoming stagiaires, to help them learn French. So when I got back from my tourney (about four weeks ago), they asked me if I could help. I said yes. They defined the scope of the project (about three and a half weeks ago), and started getting me material (just over three weeks ago).

With the Bureau, there’s a great deal of mysticism associated with computers and those familiar enough with them to make interesting things happen. There’s a certain amount of “oh, there are computers and ICT volunteers involved, of COURSE it will work and of COURSE it can be done inside of insane time constraints.” So I send out a plea for help (three weeks ago). Ben answered (saving my ass, as usual).

It was an interesting project. Useful or not, I learned a hell of a lot about managing an unmanageable project. The experience is going to help me a hell of a lot during the rest of my service. And after. And I have this strange feeling that this won’t be the last time that the bureau calls for something like this.

It’s not what I signed up for, but none of this has been, really. I’ve got the next couple of weeks to sit down and think about what I want out of my service, then it’s back in the saddle for another two months of all admin, all the time.

*sigh* topod

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  1. hey theresa! I have been trying to get in touch with you, I just found this site on friday (its tuesday) and I just figuerd out how to put a comment on it. I bet my naive humor is refreshing, right? I have been thinking al ot about you, even though everything I send is sent back. Whats your flipping address again? Middle of NoWhere Africa? j/k j/k But i have read a few of your entires, and I hope that things get better for you as time goes on with your service. Words cant say how much I admire you and waht you are doing. If you need anything let me know, or if anything, send me an email or letter or something to let me know how you are doing! Miss you


    ps- love the hair

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