Peace Corps

Oh so tangy!

Email from Glen (February): Theresa, please call me.

Phone conversation between Theresa and Glen (March):
Theresa: Hi, it’s Theresa.
Glen: You’re coming up to hang out, right?
Theresa: Yeah, but only for a day or two.
Glen: Cool.

Conversation between Theresa and Glen at All-Vol (mid-April):
Glen: So I’ve got this project for you when you come up. You can work with Jason and stuff.
Theresa: Okay, since I’m coming up anyway, but I wanna hit up Ly and Tara on my way over to the other side of the country
Glen: No problem! It’s just a website! And Jason’ll be teaching everyone how to maintain it. Just a couple of days!

Conversation between Theresa and Glen when Theresa arrives in the Tang (Saturday night):
Theresa: So this project.
Glen: Let’s talk about it tomorrow.

Conversation between Theresa, Glen, and Jason (Monday evening):
Glen: So you’ve got this class, right?
Theresa: I thought Jason was teaching a class.
Jason: Fuck that. I’m teaching my guy. You do the others while you’re here.
Theresa: Four days is not enough.
Glen: Dude, don’t’ worry about it. You’ll get to Gogonou in time.
Theresa: Yeah, but I actually have to teach these people something.
Jason: Eh, not really. Just show up and they’ll be happy.
Theresa: It doesn’t work that way!
Jason: Does too!
Theresa: Does not!
Jason: Does too!
Theresa: Does not!
Jason: You wanna fight?

A week in the Tang. Teaching web design (okay, basic (x)HTML and CSS) to a group of incredibly motivated people. Hanging out with Glen. Squabbling with Jason. Recovering from the sensory overload of the last couple of conference-filled weeks. I’m actually have a fantastic time right now, and that’s a pretty welcome change.

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