Peace Corps

The OC is not real life.

But if only! I mean, not that Peace Corps Benin isn’t chock full of delightfully salacious scandal, but really, it’s just not the fuckin’ same.

I mean, not that I want to go through the MISERY that these kids put themselves through (not that I also haven’t had my moments of complete and utter self-inflicted misery). And my friends are just as witty (okay, more so), and our lives are certainly funnier. It’s just that we’re not as rich. And while we may beautiful inside, we’re certainly not as hot as Misha (sp?) Barton. And our names are easier to spell too.

Actually, to be honest, our lives are MORE interesting. We’re livin’ it up in West Africa. And we’re having a fantastic time. But if it WERE the OC, I’d DEFINITELY be getting some ass right now. And he’d be HOT.

But also underage.


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