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Future plans like whoa.

I’m looking at some grad school options. And also new career paths. Anyone know anything about Information Architecture? What about Information Science? How would I get into working as a usibility expert? What about if I’m interested in the classification of information? And specifically, how different cultures react to different ways of organizing information? What about cross-cultural usability?


Anyway, it’s just a thought, although one that’s been floating around in my head for a couple of months now. If you know anything about this, or if you know anyone who knows anything about this, shoot me a line at theresac at gmail dot

2 thoughts on “Future plans like whoa.

  1. Hi T. Anyway you can make your blog so visitors can read prior month entries? Right now the most that can be read is from 1-12-06 to present. A calendar would be nice :) I want to print out some missed posts for your grandparents. They asked for them. I use firefox. Is a calendar available if I use ie?

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