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Wow. There’s something absolutely marvelous about having a fast computer at work. Know what’s even more marvelous? The fact that I can now get work done at home. I bitch about how many hours a week I put into this office, but the reality is that I’m a workaholic and I’m really pumped that I can do lesson plans in the comfort of my own home. It’s pretty exciting, and it frees up huge portions of my day to actually *gasp* meet people and *gasp* do the type of work I joined the Peace Corps to do.

Pretty funny, considering I was borderline whining about my workload in my last post.

The reality is that I love working when I’m treated like an adult, and I hate working when I’m treated like a child. It’s that simple. I ru into real problems sometimes because looklike I’m 12. So frustrating, but it’s the deal I’ve been handed, and I might as well make the best of it.

This weekend was pretty fantastic. I got back from traveling (wonderful WONDERFUL trip, and productive like fucking MAD) to find my laptop and a care package from my parents waiting for me at the Bureau. I went out to dinner. I got to go dancing (and have great conversations about development with some Lebanese business men). I had an apartment full of great house guests. Ben fixed the electricity so I have lights in the evening (Ben Hubbard is my HERO and an ELECTRICAL GENUIS). I had my first dinner party (started out small, then somehow ended up being large in a typical Theresa fashion). And my apartment is more or less picked up, despite all of the madness.

It’s craziness.

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