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Why can’t I poop?!?!?!!?!?

The fearsome assault on my iron stomach has finally yielded results. Six months of darn near perfect health, and I have to get sick right before a 9-day trip.

I’ve been sick for three days. I stopped by the Bureau today to give a sample and . . . nothing. NOTHING!!! Nothing would come out! I have been suffering for DAYS. I have a low-grade fever. And motherfucker, my worst symptom disappears the moment I walk into the Med Unit! WTF!!! I am NOT perfectly healthy, people! I am perfectly MISERABLE.

Packages may arrive tomorrow. w00t!smo продвижением

3 thoughts on “Why can’t I poop?!?!?!!?!?

  1. Hey Sweetie. Lots of things can be the underlying cause of an inability to poop. Are you on any type of prescription pain pills? Most have that side effect. Also, hormonal “times of the month” can screw you up (and be a contributing factor to the low grade fever). But on the down side, typhoid and yellow fever also have constipation listed as one of their many symptoms. If this continues, go back to the doctor. Hope you feel better soon!

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