Peace Corps

The weekend in brief

Free drinks bought for Sarah and Theresa by Beninese men: 2 (each)
Marriage proposals received: 3 (and one more this morning)
Indecent propositions received: 1 (after marriage was refused)
Drinks paid for after Beninese guest walks out on tab: 2
Men who just couldn’t stop touching Theresa: 2
Sketchy Lebanese showing up at Theresa’s apartment looking for Michelle: 1
Sketchy Lebanese then proceeding to invite Sarah and Theresa to the beach after realizing that Michelle was nowhere to be found: 1 (yes, we turned him down)

It was one of those weekends. Good times had by all, of course, and strangely relaxing, considering my current stress level and the sheer amount of stuff we actually did (actually, we did nothing at all, but we sure did move around a lot while doing it).

In other news, it’s back to content migration for Our Heroine. I fucking love this country.

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