Peace Corps

Turns out, “t” is just as much for “trouble” as it is for “Theresa.” Heh.

That said, I’m happier this morning than I was when I went home last night. A friend knew I’d be working late and brought dinner over, and we chatted for a while about the enormous disparity between men and women in this country. It was disheartening because he had no idea how large the disparity really is, but also encouraging in a way, because at least he sees it as a problem. So many men here just shrug their shoulders. Why spend all that money educating their daughters when girls just get married and have babies anyway?

Anyway, the pate was good, and it really helped that I didn’t have to walk home at 20h30 and start cooking for myself.оптимизация сайта под поисковые системы самому

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