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Damn. Damn. Damn.

You might be asking yourself what I’m doing in the office on a Sunday evening, when I should be at home cleaning, or cooking, or sleeping, or even hanging out with friends.

I’m kind of wondering too. Just gotta keep reminding myself that the first three months is the hardest. And I’ve only got 20 days of that left.

Also, I may have lost a package. If you sent it before the middle of November and haven’t yet heard from me about it, well . . . it could be yours. Let me know so we can commence the hunt.продвижение

2 thoughts on “Damn. Damn. Damn.

  1. Hi T, Grandma and I sent you a package the middle of November or thereabouts. Not sure if you would have gotten it yet. It had all your christmas stuff in it from grandma/grandpa. Let me know if that is the one.

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