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In which t vents

Damn straight I’m never going to change, if by “never change,” you mean never change my mind about dating annoying men who don’t understand that no means no.

Seriously. Do you think that shit WORKS? That I’ll be FLATTERED? UGH. You are not the first man to call me smart and beautiful. I promise, I will not fall over myself because you told me something I already know (actually, I’m fucking BRILLIANT). You are not the first man to be attracted only by my body (although usually it’s the size of my breasts, rather than the color of my skin). You are not even the first man to call me on making fun of you to my friends. Yes. I made fun of you. Because, goddammit, you make an easy target, and I’ve never been one to turn down a good story.

You are, however, the first one to call another man provencial when he leaps in to protect me from your advances. You are the first to blame the defense of a foreign girl by her coworkers on a lack of class, rather than recognizing that the defense is the classiest thing they could do for me.

What. The. Fuck.

I’m going to start doing to men what I do to my misbehaving cat. SQUIRT GUN! Hahahaha.новые методы продвижения сайта

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