Street Food!

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  1. Larry Hubbard says:

    “eating street food” — it maybe cheap, but remember when the cat was sick a couple of weeks ago?

  2. theresa says:

    Haha. No kidding! Although, I should thank my parents for my “iron stomach.” With the exception of a few cases of what was obviously food poisoning, I’ve managed to stay pretty darn healthy so far. *knocks on wood*

  3. Larry Hubbard says:

    Ok then. But watch out for Scorpions. I understand from Ben that he had good internet access this week – when he made a visit to a clinic because of a fight with one. I didn’t hear who won.

  4. bdh says:

    For the record:

    I won, because the scorpion is dead, and I am (at least for now) still alive. :)

    Also – t has “l’estomac du fer” – which is quite a valuable thing to have as a PCV. As we learned during stage, however, I do not.

    So while I will eat pilée tommorrow, I fully expect to pass the 2 years here without partaking in the professional services of “a barrel guy”.

    Finally, clearly I need to get around to setting up my own blog, as my dad and I seem to be taking over yours.

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