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Man, I forgot how freaking hard preparing lessons is. I’ve spent the last few days coming up with a comprehensive outline for an HTML/ CSS class, complete with homework assignments and accompanying examples . . . in French. And I’m not done yet. It’s frustrating because I could teach the classes by the seat of my pants, but I know that it’ll be easier in the long run if I do this preperation now. Oh wait, I need to create handouts too.

However, I did get this in an email discussing getting people together for the upcoming weekend’s meeting:

“While I would of course welcome the unique spiritual contributions that only ***** can provide, and would encourage you to solicit his participation with all due diligence and haste, my guess is his motivation is negligible.”

Ben, I fucking LOVE you, man.раскрутка сайта

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  1. I love that you removed the name – or replaced it with an identical number of … uh, where the heck in the astrix on a french keyboard. oh well) since it’s not like anyone here in country will have any doubt at all who it was about ;)

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