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I got a cat!!!!!

Got an email from my post-mate yesterday, “Hey, Theresa, um, I have your cat, want to come over and get it?” Turns out, he’s had the damn thing since Saturday, but had no way of getting in touch with me. Go figure. We had dinner, and played with the cats, and I took mine home. For a brief while, I was just going to call it Scaredy Cat, because it was fair-to-middlin’ cowardly at Curt’s place, but once I got home, he discovered that I’m his only source of food, and we’ve been best friends since. ;)

It’s kind of weird. I’m here at work, worrying about him like he’s my kid. Did I leave enough food? Enough water? Is he smart enough to avoid the plastic bags I use to store trash in? He’s not going to piss on anything, is he? What if he climbs my pagne chair and gets stuck again? Oh no! Maybe I should have folded it up! Or better yet, locked him in my bedroom.

The cat still has no name. I’m trying to avoid being obnoxiously clever, but I want to do better than just naming him “Cat,” which I seriously considered. Anyway, check out the pictures, and send any ideas my way. 

PS, check out pictures of Jenny and I, the cat, and my swank new furniture.
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