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In which t uploads a ton of photos

Holy cow! Check out the massive photo update. Seriously, I uploaded about 300 photos, so make sure to check out all of the sub-albums, etc.

A quick rundown:
General Stage Junx
Staging in Philly
Our first week in Cotonou
The fashion show
Beach trip
Tech Week Live-In
Cooking classes
Swearing In
My place
Me with and without braids

There’s no need to stay here and use the blog as a reference; everything is linked from the main site, but just in case you’re looking for something specific, there ya’ go. Now everyone can stop nagging. :)продвижение сайта

2 thoughts on “In which t uploads a ton of photos

  1. Theresa: I’m a daily stalker of your website. I also haunt Lyle’s site every day. I love the photos that both of you have posted in the past two days. Who would have thought my son would model such cool clothing?!
    Wyn (Garrett’s mom)

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