Peace Corps


Today was a bucket of frustration, despite some really great moments. Turns out, teaching someone web development and design from not only a base of nothing, but a base of misconceptions and misunderstandings is freaking hard.

I thought I could take some shortcuts, and use Apache without having to explain what it does . . . until I had to explain why we entered localhost has the host name when setting up an app on my counterpart’s computer, as if that was the most important thing to understand of everything we were doing.

I thought I could leave some simple instructions, including google search terms, and come back to the office to find programs running . . . until the search term didn’t work exactly as I’d written, and it didn’t occur to anyone to try modifying the keywords.

I even thought I could give a quick introduction to a CMS, that the structure was evident, and curiosity and exploration would take care of the rest . . . until I discovered that my student didn’t even really understand what a CMS is, so why would he want to learn it when he could be doing other things?

Then I thought I could get home for a decent price, only to be cheated by my zemi-driver because I’m white.

It’s costing a fortune to unlock my cell phone, my zemi helmet got mixed up with someone else’s, I’m PMSing, and the internet still isn’t working right in my office, making it darn difficult to do my job.


On the other hand, I got to hang out with friends, see a beautiful smile, eat lots of good food, and even have a cigarette, so the day could have been worse.

Tomorrow will good. See Amanda. Pay Craig. Get my cell phone (whoooooooo!). And maybe figure out how to explain some of this web dev crap to my counterpart. :)

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