My birthday was yesterday.

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  1. Bos says:

    Woowoo! Happy Birthday, T! (Ignore the fact that I didn’t catch it earlier…)

    Glad to hear life is going well, you have awesome friends there, and you have converted even more people to the wonderfulness of grits. I haven’t even had grits up here in awhile… I’m gonna have to get these Alaska folks started on that cheesy goodness…

  2. Brittany Hayes says:

    Although I don’t know you, happy bday! Katie Mccollom is one of my very dearest friends and put your website in her email, so I will be checking in on it to check in on her! Hope all is well and that you are having a blast!

  3. Aunt Lynne says:

    Hi niece! I have been printing out your blog to give to your grand-parents. We are all very proud of you. Several packages coming–I’ll mail the first one on Monday. Your mom sent us your birthday wish-list and we are obliging. Happy 22nd!

  4. Mary Miner says:

    Hi Therea,
    Glad all is going OK.
    Good luck at your Post. I hope you and Sara keep in touch. She speaks of you a lot in her mail to me so I feel I know you. Stay Healthy!
    Sara’s Mom In NC USA

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