Peace Corps

Today was ricockulously busy. Up ass-early to do laundry, bike 2k (which isn’t that much at all, until I hit the fucking hill at the end), dance party chez Michelle, try to find wheat flour in the market (as opposed to corn or millet flour), first guitar lesson ever (thanks, Charles!), follow Charles on bike to all the bars in town trying to find the other stagaires, meet up w/ everyone to find Katy’s house, leave, bike my ass up another killer hill, and now I’m here.

I’m updating because I can, more than because I have anything to say. I should be able to upload pictures when I head to Cotonou to visit in a few weeks. I’m told there are cafes with DSL, as opposed to 33k dial-up. Heh. We’ll see.

Please write letters!

The fingers on my left hand hurt, but I am 5 chords closer to becoming a guitar-playing hippie. ;) продвижение сайта

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