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Safe and sound

Benin is hot and humid. It’s also beautiful, in its own damp, poverty-striken way. It’s only my first full day of orientation, and I’m already exhausted. I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep in a while, and the schedule is pretty intense.

Staging in Philly was pretty dry, but it was great to meet my fellow volunteers. It seems to be a pretty good group, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone even better. 26 hours of planes and layovers later, we finally arrived in Cotonou, only to get slammed in the face by the humidity as we disembarked.

It’s been a relatively sheltered few days, mostly because we haven’t had time to really see anything.

Don’t know when I’ll have a computer next, but m0re updates and pictures when I can.оптимизация и продвижение сайта

2 thoughts on “Safe and sound

  1. excellent to hear that you have arrived!!

    you’re in my thoughts, girl… can’t wait to hear about all your adventures!!

  2. Congratulations, you are experiencing a different walk of life in Africa. You will no longer take the small stuff for granted in America.

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