Peace Corps


Jesse: What are you doing about shoes?
Theresa: Flip-flops and Tevas.
Jesse: TEVAS?!?!?!?!
Theresa: Yeah.
Jesse: Your dork-o-meter just shot through the roof.
Theresa: Hey, dorks are the new cool!
Jesse: Dorks are getting rich. Dorks are getting attention in the media. And most of all, dorks are getting attention online, from other dorks. Dorks getting attention from other dorks does not make them cool. It makes them blind.
Theresa: Dammit! I was so close!
Jesse: Theresa, you will never be cool. Cool is not your role in life. You are going to save the world, which is great, but please don’t think that it will, in any way, shape, or form, make you any less of a dork in your Tevas.

He’s right. He’s so damn right.продвижение сайтов как

1 thought on “Dork!

  1. The only shoes we wear here in Senegal are flip flops, as well as the occasional jelly sandals for playing football.

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