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In which t eats a crab quesadilla.

Awesome awesome awesome couple of days. Saying good-bye is poo, but that’s the way it goes.

Yesterday was Pride Day 2005 in DC, which culminated in an enormous demonstration at DuPont Circle. A friend and I were eating at Kramerbooks, and we were priviledged enough to see the entire thing. Good times. Lots of half-naked men (who unfortunately were interested only in other men, but hey, eye candy is eye candy). We saw some bible-thumpers walk up to the crowd (really, they had bibles out and ready to thump), but nothing seemed to come of it. There were also some disapproving familes at Kramer’s, concentrating very hard on not seeing any of the alternative lifestyle dancing by.

It was a good time. DuPont is gay friendly to begin with (okay, more than gay friendly), but it was neat to see stores and resteraunts that aren’t gay-centric by design put up flags and signs showing their support. It’s just good business sense. If there’s a demonstration, the best way to make $ from the demonstrators is to unabashedly show your support for their cause. You but your ass they’ll spend $ in your store. Making money always trumps personal distate, which is a pretty cool way of ensuring that everybody gets treated the same.

Anyway, good times. Learned a lot. Got to say good-bye to the brown man. And had some tastey food. Always a good thing.раскрутка

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  1. As a former Dupont resident, I am required to opine that Kramers is for breakfast and City Lights is for dinner. ;)

    It was very cool to 1) see people treat the thumpers as invisible 2) see so many damn people there 3) just laugh at all the clothing (or lack there of) as well as some of the “floats” (did you see the bucket truck?).

    Also – your packing list, very helpful. Thanks.

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