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We have liftoff.

Sweet mother of God, comments work.

I switched over to WordPress from Blogger last November because I wanted to do some ususual stuff with the Bitter Club. Blogger was also pretty unreliable at the time. Fine for a personal site, not so fine when I’m running a group thang. I kluged together a template to get it up and running, then promptly forgot about all plans to actually learn the damn system.

WordPress is great, but OH MY GOD the template system took some figuring out. The documentation is all right, as are the example templates, but they assume a level of knowledge about the way WordPress works that’s over my head (not anymore!), and probably that of most users. When I say the documentation is “all right,” I mean that it was 100% accurate, but clearly written by coders. Which is fine. But I do this stuff for a living. :)

Anyway, I’m excited. I started a template from scratch instead of retooling the defalt or rin again just to get rid of some of the cruft. And also, because I think setting the style of elements I want to cut to display: none; is dumb. Expect some more visual tweaks over the next couple of days (especially in regards to comments). Next stop: flickr API.topod.in

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